No culture has left its influence on the world more than the Egyptian culture. Its past can be traced to the Great Egyptian Civilisation. As the time passed it grew both in size and wealth under the stewardship of its ambitious Pharaohs. One of the areas they left their mark was architecture. Cleo County seeks its inspiration from the rich built heritage ofancient Egypt. The project itself has been named after one of the most beautiful woman of the time, the name that still stirs passion, Cleopatra. Cleo County combines the beauty of the legendry Queen and blends it with the Egyptian architectural theme.

As an architect the challenge was to blend ancient with the modern—to synergise seamlessly the Egyptian theme with contemporary lifestyle, while imparting the entire development with an international aesthetic.


Christopher John Shugg
Surbana - Singapore


The central idea behind the master plan is amalgamated integration. To achieve this we delved into our architectural roots and taking cue from there, we planned the complex as a blend of 3 courtyards with ample natural light and ventilation.


Vishal Sharma
Chief Architect