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In India, several different significances are attached to the property owner. While for the rich, it connotes a way of power and prestige, for the overwhelming majority of the middle-class population, it's a cherished dream and unfortunately, for the less privileged, it's a luxury beyond reach. While some countries have simplified the method of shopping for property, including the authentication of ownership documents by the govt, within the Indian context, the method of identifying the proper property is fraught with several risks, legal and regulatory hurdles. Buyers are often at the mercy of brokers or builders and motivated to form decisions, by the promise of exponential returns or irresistible offers. However, lucrative and tempting properties might provide one to buy the property but it is always advised to get professional help and check before you invest.

So before buying the Noida property go through these points below to get authenticated and verified properties.


Verification Of The Ownership Of The Property And The Title

Check the title documents of the property such as the governing document for the grant, gift deed, sale deed, succession certificate, will partition deed, culminating investing of the particular property, evidencing the transfer of title over the number of years. See the nature of the title is whether leasehold, development right or freehold. In case the seller of the property is claiming development rights to the property, the event agreement and power of attorney, executed by the owners in favour of the seller or not. See that all title documents being duly stamped and registered at the office of the jurisdictional sub-registrar of assurances.

Verification Of The Owner Or The Seller

Similar to verifying the title to the property, the customer should also ascertain the identity of the vendor and any specific conditions, governing the power of the vendor to convey the property.Look for the residency status and nationality of the owner, just in case of a private and whether consents from government authorities are required for the sale.

Identification of all owners, just in case of properties held jointly is also important before you buy any Noida property or any property of a state or city of India. The constitution documents of the entity are necessary, to verify its ability to have and transfer the property, besides ascertaining that the person executing and registering the sale deed is duly authorised.

These are some verification which you need to do along with some other like, construction approvals, land use permissions etc.

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