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When you think of buying a property, we keep ourselves prepared with a long list of questions that we intend to ask to the property dealer.
However, what is quite funny about it is that most of us do not ask questions that are relevant, meaningful and related to the major issue like which best property in Noida to live and all.
This aggravates chances of lots of confusions, doubts and misunderstandings.
Now if you are really keen on knowing what sorts of questions are most relevant for property dealer, scroll down.
We have enlisted some of the most vital questions for you. Watch out!

Q. What is the legal status of the property?

You need to gather accurate information about the legal status of a property before you make any finalized plan for buying it.
Let us be more elaborate on this; you need to know if the property is an ownership flat or you will have to enter into a lease agreement or there are any other legal nitty-gritty connected with it.
Therefore, this question is extremely vital for a property owner.

Q. How many flats have been sold?

When you intend to buy a flat in a complex or a community, you would never want to be the first and the last owner.
Basically, it is mandatory for you to understand the saleability prospects of your selected property in order to be sanguine that you are investing in the right place.
Further, if you find that only 1% to 2% of the flats is a cooperative or complex have been sold out then you have lots of scopes for being suspicious. This is because there might be some serios reasons which are probably impeding the property from getting sold.
You can get clarification to this query only when you ask the question we have recommended above.

Q. What price as been fixed for the property?

The next important question that you need to ask in order to be sanguine if you will be able to buy a selected property definitely relates to its price tag. Hence, ask your property dealer this question that has been recommended here.Here you need to remember couple of things. Firstly, no property comes with an absolute price. So, there is always a scope for some negotiations.
Secondly, you can also compare the price quoted by the property dealer with similar other properties in the area and understand if the price is justified or not.

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