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Are you buying your own home for the first time? If you are a bit superstitious person then your mind must be boggling with a range of superstitions.
Let us cross check and find out how many of these superstitions concerning which is the best property to live in Noida and all compiled here match with that of yours. So, scroll down.

• Creatures dictate your fate

Do you believe in the idea that your prosperity and wellbeing in your new home can be predicted by closely watching the creatures that inhibit the property?
If you have not heard about this superstitious belief earlier, further details about it will make you immensely amazed.
In case you detect ants crawling all over your home, you can conclude that you are going to have some financial gains.
Again, termite attack is a sign of misfortune and distress.
Similarly, bees swarming inside your interiors indicate that there are chances of fire attack in your house anytime!
Now you have yet another reason to keep close watch upon the pests that frequent your property. Isn’t it?

• Acorns dispel lighting

These days builders and realtors undertake numerous scientific methods in order to prevent lighting attack in the building. But do you know about any superstitious belief that makes strong claim that it can prevent lightning squeals? Well, there is one.
Let us tell you that you need to stock in adequate number of acorns and spread them all over your rooftop, window sills and every other exposed part of your residential property.
In case you are confused, let us clear the air now. It is believed that acorns have the magical power of nullifying the effect of earthquake.
Now you need to try it to test the authenticity of the claim.

• Salt expels evils

We are sure that you would definitely want apparitions to be a part of your extended family in your new home. What we mean to say is that you would definitely not approve the idea of s[ending your hard earned money on buying a haunted house and staying there too.
Here is a belief that claims to eliminate such a chance by warding off evil from your house. All you need for this is a packet full of common salt.
Now sprinkle this salt at every corner of your house and all the entranceways. Pay special attention towards the kid’s room.
What you need to do in this room is to sprinkle salt over the window sill and near the four legs of the kid’s bed in addition to the four corners of the room.
Now sleep in peace because evil spirits will remain miles away from your property. Isn’t this belief a must try in your new home?

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