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Have you permanently relocated to Noida? Then your first priority must be to look for a permanent home in this city.
But when you ask the real estate broker show me the top residential project in Noida, do not forget to cross check if the property is haunted.
Yes, you have heard it correctly. There are ranges of places in Noida that are frequented by apparitions. In simplified terms, there are many places in this important city of the Delhi-NCR region that are haunted!
If you have already got taken aback by this information, check out some of these infamous sites in Noida.

• KC-19 in Ghaziabad

First in our list is the KC-19 in Ghaziabad. This is actually a deserted residential property of a family that was killed in a brutal incident. Only one child escaped who now lives in USA with relatives.
Once a beautiful mansion, this place is frequented by the ghastly spirits of three children, as locals report. These eerie kids play in the playground adjacent to this deserted mansion in the wee hour of the night.
Even the blood stains that were found in the site after the murder are literally unremovable.

• Noida Expressway

Noida Expressway is the next site in the city which is said to be haunted. While the highway is absolutely smooth and convenient for the drivers, the people who frequent the place report that they often see the shadowy face of a lady passing by.Cars would often stop to save the lady from getting run over, but in vain! Drivers could realise that cars simply penetrate and pass through this mysterious lady.This haunting started after series of accidents in the highway. Initially, these accidents were considered as normal. But later on, it was realised that it has become a recurrent nighty phenomenon for vehicles that cross this highway at night.

• HCL N3 Building

HCL N3 Building is yet another place in Noida that is haunted. The employees working in this building have reportedly told about eerie happens which are simply beyond their premises of logical explanation.
Specially the women employees working in the building who have visited the ladies’ toilet at the second floor have reported that there is something uncanny. These women employees have said that it feels like someone is touching them from behind and keeping hand over their shoulder. But when they turned back to check, no one was found!Some eye witnesses have also said that they have seen blood dripping from the cracks in the walls, shadowy figures walking inside the toilet and ghastly banging of the doors and windows.

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