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When you ask your real estate agent  "find me luxury home in Noida or elsewhere " and the professional lives up to your expectations, there will surely be no boundary to your exuberance.

However, it becomes simultaneously essential for you to ensure that you work up further in order to make your luxurious home look even plusher.

 Basically, you need to install few furniture and fixture and need to do some modifications for the purpose.

Here are some tips you can bank upon. Watch out!


There will be nothing richer looking that an outdoor sauna inside your property.  

Therefore, affix the right spot in your backyard where you can install a lavish bath and some curtains around it to ensure that you get the much-needed privacy.

Now, when you take a relaxing shower in this outdoor sauna, we bet you will start feeling that you are an empress who is bathing in the Hammam.

You might be probably having a wardrobe or a locker that exclusively belongs to you.

But when you relocate to your very own luxury apartment, you need something extra that will make you feel heavenly. What we mean to indicate actually is that you need a secret nook for yourself.

So, ask your carpenter or your architect to build you a secret nook at the back of the door, or behind a closet, or in some difficult to access part of your home.

Once built, we bet this secret nook will become the most loved part of your house.

If your pocket is really heavy and you can really afford it, a swimming pool balcony will leave the eyes of your neighbours rolling over your plush abode.

What you actually have to do is to make optimum utilization of your expansive balcony. 

You just need talk to your architect and instruct him to turn your balcony into an attached swimming pool that exclusively belongs to you.


If you are a nature lover, you can make optimum utilization of the greenery around you that overlooks your balcony.

Ask your balcony to build a portable workstation for you that you can install on the railings of your balcony.  Do not forget to instruct the carpenter to make provisions for installation of laptop, or desktop, or pens, pencils and all other sorts of equipment and stationery that you would need while working.

Once done, you will just need to drag in a chair and set below the workstation so that you can work peacefully in the lap of the nature.

Believe us, this idea will expel all the mundaneness and stress that you experience while working on your workstation for hours.

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