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Have you ever wondered what you really want when you appoint a real estate agent and ask him, show me luxury home in Noida or somewhere else?  

Perhaps, your answer may be a descent home in your preferred location that gives you all the amenities of a luxurious living.

However, you hardly cannot object if we tell you that you do not know in specific what are the particular things in a home that you need to enjoy a happy living.

So, we have compiled and presented here some features that together constitute to make your home a peaceful shelter.

Scroll down to know about these in details.

Yes, you have guessed it right. The location is the first important thing that determines whether it will become your most loved nook in the world or not.

Here you have to simultaneously remember that the location related preferences are not same for every homeowner. While some people prefer to be near markets and shopping malls, others prefer to stay away from the rush and hush of city life.

Hence, you have to understand exactly what do you want without coming into any generalised conclusion regarding the location.

Talk to your real estate agent after this confirmation.

The next feature that is important for you to consider is the total area of the property you want.

Here you need to remember that the preferences of different homeowners differ in this area as well.

For instance, some homeowners prefer an expansive property that comprises of gardens, backyards and activity area for kids along with the house. On the other hand, some homeowners are more than comfortable in a small two-bedroom apartment.

Therefore, you need to come to a decision on the dimension of home that will meet your requirements and instruct your real estate agent accordingly.

The next important thing that needs to be taken into account is the gastronomic corner.  

What we mean to suggest is that you need to be sanguine about the dimension and layout of the kitchen in your new home that will perfectly meet your requirements.

For your reference, some homeowners are comfortable in a traditional four walled kitchen that comes with lots of wall shelves and in-built cabinets.  Again, for some homeowners a modular kitchen is most welcoming where everything is automated.  There is yet another category of homeowners who prefer to cook in an open kitchen.

You have to finalise and come to a conclusion regarding the type of kitchen that you are looking forward to in your new home.

Your real estate agent has to be informed accordingly so that he can find you the perfect property for you.

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