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If you are thinking of buying a new home in Noida or any other place of your preference, some considerations need to be taken into account with seriousness.

You might know be inquisitive to know why we are emphasizing upon these considerations.  Let us tell you that the root to all sort of confusions emerges from these pointers right from the time you ask your real estate agent "find me luxury Apartment in Noida"or elsewhere.

So, start reading ahead to know about two of these pointers.



As a homeowner, you would definitely have some preferred area in mind where your want your new home. 

But when you are handed over some properties for your final decision making process, things might not please you at all.

The issue that mostly arise here is that the properties available in your preferred location might not come into the price bracket that you have specified.  

Hence, the real estate agent does not have any other alternative in such circumstances than to show you properties in other locations that otherwise comply with your requirements.

Here, an easy solution for avoiding such confusions is to stop being very rigid about both the variables, namely, location and price.

Rather, you have to be a bit flexible in case of any one of the variables for sure in order to make things easy for your real estate agent too.

The next confusion that might leave you pissed off as a homeowner is related to the area of the property.

Here it needs mentioning that confusions generally arise in this case due to two major terms. They are ‘carpet area’ and ‘super built area.’ Thus, when you mention that you need apartment of 1200 square feet area and do not specify anything, the real estate agent might get utterly confused.

Now for your further reference on this matter, let us tell you that the ‘carpet area’ refers to the area within your apartment which will solely belong to you and your family members.

On the other hand, ‘super area’ indicates toward broader things. It includes all the spaces that you would co-own with your neighbours living inside an apartment in the form of the staircase, walls of the staircase, lift, and every other thing.

Thus, when you mention that you need 1200 square feet of area in your apartment and do not mention that you are indicating towards the ‘carpet area’, the real estate agent can very well misunderstand.

Eventually, he might end up finding you a flat of 1200 square feet super built up area’ which would be too less as compared to your requirements.

Hence, you need to be specific and rule out chances of such confusions and dismay.

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