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Do you believe in Vastu?  Then moving into a new home will become even more problematic for you.   We have got several reasons to justify this.

The basic reason is that things will never end smoothly right from the time when you instruct your real estate agent "show me luxury Apartment in Noida’" till the time when you finally relocate to a new home.

In the first place, you will not find the perfect property that is in your preferred location and comes within your affixed price bracket.  Secondly, as a Vasu believer  you might have to let go even the most beautiful property if things do not comply with Vastu Sastra.

Now you may be inquisitive to know what sort of Vastu compliance do you need to look for in your new home. Here are some of these for your reference. Watch out!

You must refrain from the idea of moving into a residential apartment that is not uniformly square or rectangle in shape.

What we mean to suggest is that you must avoid properties that are odd shaped. The reason for this is, these odd shaped residential buildings and properties are the door to bad luck according to Vastu Shastra.

These days, big and luxurious residential projects come with waterbodies like swimming pools and water sauna.

Thus, if you get a property of your choice that comes with a water feature then the idea is sure to impress you a lot.

But since you are a Vastu believer so we will ask you to hold yourself back from taking any abrupt final decision.

The reason for this is, Vastu recommends that the properties in which the water body is at the Westers or Northern direction  of your home is perfect.

But if the water body is towards South or East then you must not even think of buying that property, or else it will bring bad luck for you.   


The direction through which you are supposed to enter your home is also a concerning issue as far as Vastu is concerned.  

To be specific on this, Vastu recommends that the direction of the entranceway to your property must be towards the Eastern or North-Eastern direction.

If you follow this direction related instruction related to your entranceway, it is sure to bring in wellbeing, good luck and prosperity for you.   

However, if you are a Vastu believer and deny this instruction related to the direction of your entranceway then you will certainly end up experiencing never ending phases of bad luck and misfortune the moment you enter your new home. 

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