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What do you actually do when you ask your real estate agent "show me property in Noida or elsewhere’" and he finds it out within no time? We bet you develop several assumptions and presumptions inside your mind regarding the property that has been streamlined for you.

Sometimes superstitions and weird ideas regarding the property might also capture your logical thinking process.  

If you are already curious then let us know about some of these amusingly ridiculous superstitions:


The first thing that might come to your mind about a house with ‘too good to believe’ offers is that it is haunted.

We do not know whether ghosts really exist or not, but there is definitely no scientific evidence that justifies the presence of apparitions.

Therefore, you can very well conclude that thinking a house to be haunted is nothing but superstition.  

Rather, it will be more logical to find out the actual reason behind this ‘too good to believe’ offer regarding this property.


There are lots of superstitions regarding the number 13. Everybody believes that number 13 brings bad luck.

You will be surprised to know that this superstition regarding number 13 exists in case of flats and properties too.

Majority of the people show utter hesitation in buying and relocating to an apartment that has thirteen as its number.

Some homeowners are so intensely superstitious about number 13 that they do not mind rejecting a property just due to this factor even when they find that it is exactly the type they have been searching for.

What you actually need to know that there is no scientific evidence to justify that number 13 is associated with bad luck.

Moreover, this is a belief that is only followed in Western world and no where else.

Yet another fact about the number 13 that will further startle you is that this number is considered as highly auspicious and lucky in Italian culture.

Now you decide whether you will consider number 13 lucky henceforth or not.

The next superstition regarding property is that you must not buy any home, office or plot that is located in the south-west direction.

While some people say that this belief is related to Vastu Sastra, others opine that the root behind this superstition is unknown.

To be honest, what we really need to consider with seriousness is that there is no logic that can actually explain why this superstition has emerged and how. But there is absolutely no point in believing it and following it blindly while buying a property.

Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether you will subscribe to these superstitions or avoid them.

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