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Searching for the perfect kind of property is only possible when you get in touch with the right builder.

But it is not a very easy task for a novice person like me and you to find out a builder who is trustworthy and will help me find best property in Noida or elsewhere.

Most of the times, you will come across builders who make flowery claims that

are extremely convincing and force you into believing that they might be extremely professional and credible.

But as your liaison with these builders start progressing, you gradually become aware that they are worthless and would never be able to give you satisfactory service.

Nevertheless, do not get disheartened at all because we have some tips by means of which you can identify a worthless builder. So, watch out!

You will never want that your housing or commercial project take years to get completed.

Nonetheless, the other side of the coin is also true.

What we mean to indicate is that usually the unprofessional and unskilled builders tend to complete their work much faster than you could even imagine.

The core reason behind this is, they do not have clear idea regarding many basic areas of construction such as the time that it requires for setting the plaster, the time cement takes to stabilise, and the time till when the primer needs to stay as it is before applying paint on it and all. 

Hence, they hurry to finish one project and jump into the other one for earning profit. Eventually, the quality of their work suffers.  

Every property owner aims at seeking the most competitive rates while searching for a builder who is going to handle his property project.

Nonetheless, it is never recommended that you end up believing upon the claims of a property builder simply because his rates are dramatically lower than what the average number of builders in the market are offering.

Instead of considering it as an opportune moment for you, always consider that this builder will never be able to live up to his price commitments till the end of the project.

Rather, it is just his inexperience that is getting reflected.

Payment related behaviour is the next thing that will help you in finding out if the builder whom you are relying upon is a conman or a reliable professional.

In most of the cases, it has been found out that the unreliable builders prefer cash payments in lumpsum instalments. Moreover, they are usually not in favour delaying their payments too much.

The experienced property owners who have been in contact with such unprofessional builders suggest that these builders are in a haste because they want to finish off the work as fast as possible, and hence press for faster payments.

Secondly, they do not want to keep any connection with the property owners after their work gets completed because they are quite aware of the inferior quality of their service. 

As these unprofessional builders know that accepting cheques or another payment methods mean that they have to furnish their account details and all to the property owner, and can be easily traced.  Therefore, they always prefer cash payment.

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