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Buying a home is a one-time investment for a large number of middle class and higher middle-class families. A home is more than a shelter for them. Rather, it is a cosy nook that protects their dreams of a happy family.
If you belong to this clan of homeowners who is searching for real estate projects in Noida which will be your dream home in future, you must read this article.
This article recommends that you must choose constructional projects that are earthquake resistance like that of the real estate projects in Noida by Cleo County.
Here are few clarifications for the recommendation that has been made. Check out!

Vehement space constraint all over has made the construction companies think seriously about vertical utilization of space. This has resulted in increase in the number of high risers and skyscrapers all over the city in all the countries of the world.
Thus, one hand the frequency of earthquakes has increased manifold all over the world in the past couple of years. On the other hand, these lofty constructional structures are extremely vulnerable to the catastrophic damages brought by the seismic forces.
This situational demand has hence made it necessary that homeowners only think of safe constructional that are immune against the tremors of earthquake.

These earthquake proof buildings like that of the Cleo County real estate projects in Noida work on a number of principles to counter the effects of this calamitous phenomenon.
Firstly, the foundation of these constructions is built on flexible platform that is movable. Hence, while this base moves during earthquake, the main structure remains untouched.
Secondly, a base of sand is provided in between the platform on which the construction is made and the main building. This base serves as a buffer and absorbs the entire seismic force that is generated as a result of the earthquake tremor. As a result, its intensity lessens with eventual reduction in the intensity of damage caused to the building.
Sometimes, the process of shielding is also followed for making the building earthquake resistant. In this process, rings made of plastic and concrete are made and inserted in the foundation of these buildings. These rings absorb the seismic forces of earthquake and prevent aggressive aftereffect of this calamitous natural phenomenon.
The technique of reinforcing is also followed to make constructions immune against the attacks of earthquake. These include use of rebars instead of ordinary iron rods in the construction, constructing sheer walls with cross bracing for distributing the intensity of seismic forces and building frames and slabs in horizontal direction.

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