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Have you purchased a new home and planning to relocate to it permanently? Make a checklist of a few things that you have to do immediately after the relocation.  

Remember, even the most furnished ready to move apartments with all modern amenities in Noida or Chennai might not give you a satisfactory experience after the relocation if you overlook the checklist. 

Now, you may be interested to know what things must the checklist contain. Here are some of them. 

1.Make quick survey 

The new house is entirely alien to you. So, you might not know which things have been installed in which parts of the property.

In more precise terms, you might not know where is the gas connection located, which is the place for the electrical meter box, and which area has been selected for installation of the cooking oven.

Hence, it would help if you make a thorough survey of each and every corner of your new property to get acquainted with each of its corners.

2.Check the plumblines

No matter how much well-furnished your new home is, checking the plumbline is an essential mandate.  

You never know when some accident might occur, and if the accident occurs then it will leave your home flooded with water.  

Therefore, check all the plumblines carefully to ensure that there is no leakage anywhere.

3.Check the electric line

Even the most furnished ready to move apartments with all modern amenities in Noida or Mumbai is not entirely immune to electrocution. 

Remember, your slightest negligence in checking the meter box and the electric lines running all across your property can lead to a severe fire accident. 

So, consider it your responsibility to check all the electrical lines.

4.Inspect the delivered items  

Before you plan to move to your new home, you must have ordered your packer and mover company to pack and deliver your essentials.  

When these essentials get delivered to your home, do not delay unpacking the packages and thoroughly investigating all these essentials. The purpose behind inspection is to ensure that each item has been delivered to your new residence, and nothing is left behind. 

Do not forget or delay to inform your service provider if you find anything is missing. 

5.Reorganize high priority utilities 

After the relocation to ready to move apartments with all modern amenities in Noida or Kolkata, your next task is to identify and segregate all your belongings.

At this stage, you are supposed to keep aside all the low and medium priority belongings and concentrate on the rearrangement of all the high priority belongings that you will need immediately. Therefore, work accordingly.

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