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Have you moved to your newly purchased ready to move flats with all modern amenities in Noida recently? Since Noida is an entirely cosmopolitan city, you cannot expect that the air around you will be pure and free from any pollutants. 

You can remain rest assured that the majority of the residential complexes offering Ready to move flats with all modern amenities in Noida have well-maintained lawns within the campus. But it is simultaneously true that you need greenery inside your home too.

So, here are some indoor plant suggestions from us that you can explore.

This trailing greenery is sure to give the tough of pristine freshness. Pathos is a fully indoor plant with trailing vines extending over a length of approximately ten feet from the source.  

While the low light condition is absolutely fine for pathos, it thrives best the air is dry. So, refrain from overwatering if you want your pathos to have a long life. 

If you are a very lazy gardener who often forgets to water plants or meticulously give them sunlight, dracaena is the best option. This is a very easily maintained plant that demands minimal attention. 

But if you ask for its ability to purify the air inside your home, Dracena is sure to top the list. Therefore, whether you talk about benzene, or formaldehyde, or trichloroethylene, and xylene, Dracena has the power to remove all these pollutants. 

So, when you bring in Dracena, you can ensure that the air that you and the loved ones in your house breathe in will be pure.

Although the name sounds quite eerie, the spider plant does not look eerie at all. Rather, the bright green slender leaves with a white border around them is sure to add a touch of class to your interiors.  

This is another plant on our list that hardly requires much maintenance. It strives well in a place that receive indirect but bright sunlight for few hours in the day. 

Therefore, if you have a wide window in your room, you can simply place this plant there and it will thrive well. 

This indoor plant is quite popular among homeowners who have an obsession for gardening. Moreover, this rubber plant is also listed among the most popular indoor plant varieties that homeowners often pick up for their home. 

The most noticeable feature of rubber plant is that it can strive well bright light as well as in indirect sunlight. It can tolerate negligence to a considerable extent and require minimal watering. 

The shiny broad leaves of this plant will surely attract your attention and influence you to bring it indoors.  

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